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Published January, 9th 2019
Celebrating the Year of the Earth Pig
Illustration Jaya Griggs

Chinese New Year starts Feb. 5 and this Earth or Golden Pig year promises to be a more relaxed, easygoing and peace-loving year, with relationships eased. The Earth element rules for the second year in a row, according to the Taoist Five Elements. Celebrations and the good life are abundant and more grounded so remember the importance of yin/yang, and the lessons of balance. Earth curbs Pig's overspending tendency in 2019. Pig year highlights culture, art, music, film all the finer things in life, merriment and culinary gifts. Whether in a cooking class, the boardroom, or at home, people will be more apt to try to work together in harmony.
Kindness is a central theme in Pig year and acts of generosity and philanthropy will be richly rewarded in 2019. At the office, patience, dedication and reality-based projects or decision making are the successful ingredients in Pig year.
Avoid overpromising or overcommitting for work harmony as well as on the home front. The Earth element will ground nicely with all that is naturally joyful and carefree in Pig year, but remember to avoid risk-taking all year. Pig year is about family and being sociable, but since the Earth element brings stability, balance and overall positive energies all year, you can use a Pig year to be strategic in business.
The 2019 Pig year is yin and so light and convivial, allowing many people to feel joyful and abundant, and so fortunate and lucky. 2019 Pig must also remain guided by a heavy dose of strict budgeting all year. It would be unwise to overspend in Pig year, and then begin 2020 Metal Rat year depleted in any way. Fortunately, the Earth element that balances and grounds 2019 offers intuitiveness, flexibility, modesty and organizing throughout the year. This all blends quite well with Pig's desire to study and learn a wide range of interests. Zodiac Pig is the also the very last of the 12 Zodiac animals and so completes a larger cycle, and within the carefree vibe of 2019, still offers a chance to be reflective about the prior 11 years. Looking ahead to 2020 and a new cycle, prepare prudently and make depletion to be a thing of the past as one readies for the excitement and career/money activity of the 2020 Metal Rat year.
Health and personal care and well-being in 2019 are focused on a blend of equal parts: healing with nature, and spiritual pursuits. Portioning meals properly will avert the gluttony that is often associated when Pig is out of phase or balance. People born in the year of the Pig may experience deep health afflictions during Pig year, and this challenging energy can also be experienced for Pigs in the Pig month (Nov. 5 to Dec. 5) as well as the Pig hours (9 to 11 p.m.).
Special care should be taken to not be wasteful and keep up with life in a tidy way, including administrative duties and connecting with those on your team. In Pig year we should indulge, yes, but not the the point of recklessness, and again, the Earth element will be supremely helpful in all things to do with restraint. Since family plays a prominent role in Pig year, easygoing Pig supports those who have struggled with work/family balance and finally understand what true balance feels like. There will be more opportunities for human exchanges that are beneficial to everyone.
Before any partnership, friendship or love interest can be fully appreciated, it's wise to practice a "trust but verify" policy and proven, mutual adoration in Pig year, before any deep commitments are made. We might well see an uptick in family reunions, parties and wedding announcements, birth and baptism celebrations and people getting along at these events. The 2019 Pig year will also favor generosity and giving and deep benevolence to others who might be in need of more gentleness among us. Be sure to balance giving with receiving, as the Earth element will demand. Going with this or any other Pig year flow will be paramount to individual success.
Pig year will be beneficial to a wide range of other Zodiac animals, and the year will be fondly remembered when it concludes on Jan. 24, 2020. The concept of luck is at variance with western held beliefs in that, in Taoist, Feng Shui and even Buddhist canon, we can create our own luck through our thoughts, words and deeds, and ultimately change the course of our fate and destiny.
There is an old saying that contends that a man with riches can end up poor compared to the man who employs Feng Shui, and the greater responsibility taken up in Pig year will center around wisdom and not simply the accumulation of knowledge. Lastly, pick a cause to contribute to and support, to allow the gratitude handshake to be an integral part of your fortunate Pig year. Plan each year with Empowerment Chart readings, which are available upon request by emailing spaceharmony@gmail.com.
Happy New Year!

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