Candidates' Night Forum - Tuesday, October 5th 2010
presented by Moraga Citizens' Network -

The Lamorinda Weekly video taped the Forum and is offering to watch the video's from here:
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Welcome and Introduction by John Haffner,
Board Member Moraga Citizens' Network

watch video
(4min 30sec)
All five Town Council candidates had 5 minutes to talk
about themselves and their campaign.

Questions from the audience answered by all candidates
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Do you believe that it's achievable to preserve Moraga's semi-rural character and at the same time be a champion of growth in new residential housing and new business development? What specific things would you do to accomplish this? What are your priorities for the Town's revenues? Do you believe the Dollar Tree store would be a beneficial addition to the Moraga community? How would you approach reviving the Rheem Shopping Center with local businesses?

Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
What is your position on the Rancho Laguna 2 development, and what do the General Plan's words "Protect ridgelines from development" mean to you? What prepares you in your professional and educational background, to analyze and develop public policy? What steps would you take to the build on the theme of "Moraga, the home of St. Mary's College"? How would you implement the recommendation of the Revenue Enhancement Committee?

Question 7
Question 8
How do you see the Moraga Center Specific Plan being implemented during your term? Do you support Moraga becoming a Charter City? Why or why not?
Final statements all candidates


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