Published November 12th, 2008
Historic Election Party Rocks the Plaza
By Cathy Tyson
The Lamorinda Democratic Club's Craig Cheslog addresses the crowd Photo Andy Scheck

With a nod to the throngs of people gathered in Chicago and Washington D.C., Lafayette's Plaza Park was the place to go to celebrate a new day for our country, last Wednesday evening. Cars drove by and honked their horns, young children danced on the grass, and flags hanging from the trellises provided a backdrop for this historic celebration.
Mike Anderson spoke passionately about what a momentous, life changing event this is - electing the first African American president. Lynda Deschambault, Moraga's Mayor, recalled that "we've gone through the good, the bad and the ugly," in this election and introduced the top vote-getter (by ten votes at press time) in the Moraga Town Council race, Karen Mendonca. Host Craig Cheslog of the Lamorinda Democratic Club (LDC) noted that Barack Obama is only the third democrat in the last century to win the majority of the popular vote. He also commented that Obama has 2.5 million fans on Facebook - a sign of what a campaign can do by reaching out to young people.
Despite having their hands full trying to get local democratic candidates elected, the LDC rallied, pulling together this election party together on short notice. Live music, balloons, campaign buttons and Obama cookies helped set the celebratory tone of the night.
Nancy Skinner, who won for Assembly District 14, along with Mark DeSaulnier, winner of the Senate District 7 contest, had inspiring remarks. Unfortunately Orinda City Council Members were unable to attend due to a city meeting conflict. Both incumbents, Steve Glazer and Victoria Smith, won their races.
It was an incumbent sweep in Lafayette. Although he's concerned about the state budget, Mayor Mike Anderson was happy to be re-elected, "We've got the team back together, thanks to the voters." Carl Anduri said he's, "excited for another four years." Carol Federighi was unable to attend.
In Moraga, Mike Metcalf and Karen Mendonca clearly won two of the three Town Council seats. At press time it was too close to call - Howard Harpham and Janice Kolbe are in a dead heat for the third seat, with only a seven vote difference between them.
With the audience occasionally cheering, "Yes, we can" young and old came together to celebrate on this clear cool evening what this election means to our country. Anderson summed it up, "Feels like a new day - with change echoing through neighborhoods all across the country."

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