Published November 12th, 2008
Oakland Strokes Medal in 2008 Head of the American
Submitted by Irene Gessling
WV Lightweight 8, L to R: S. Goldman, A. Hofinga, R. D'Orazio, E. Lenczowski, J. Buffington, S. Coppock-Pector, A. Koenig, E. Sharf; not pictured, coxswain Mia Hamano Photo provided

The Oakland Strokes Women's Varsity 8 had a fantastic start to the season, winning the gold medal at the Head of the American Regatta Oct. 25 at Lake Natoma, Sacramento. Their time of 16:41 is the fastest time posted by a junior women's crew at Head of the American since 2001, and is a minute faster than the Strokes' own winning fastest time of 17:42 in 2005.
The rowers in the winning eight were Katie McKeen (Piedmont High School, grade 10), Nicole Sung-Jereczek (Piedmont, grade 11), Nikki Dahlberg-Seeth (Miramonte High School, grade 11), Camilla Polakoff (Bentley School, grade 11), Ali Mittelberger (Head Royce School, grade 12), Dana Walsh (Miramonte High School, grade 11), Barbara Barnes (College Preparatory School, grade 12), Kelly Bauer (Miramonte High School, grade 11) and Molly Fehr - cox (Miramonte High School, grade 11).
The WV Lightweight 8 (pictured) became the first Oakland Strokes women's lightweight boat ever to win first place at the Head of the American. The crew finished with a posted time of 17:56, taking the gold.
The rowers were Eva Sharf (Head Royce, grade 12), Ayla Koenig (Berkeley High, grade 12), Sarah Goldman (Piedmont High, grade 11), Jessica Buffington (Berkeley High, grade 11), Sarah Coppock-Pector (Bishop O'Dowd, grade 12), Anne Hofinga (Miramonte, grade 11), Rosie D'Orazio (Bishop O'Dowd, grade 12), Elizabeth Lenczowski (Miramonte, grade 11), Mia Hamano - cox (Piedmont, grade 12).
Oakland Strokes Men's Varsity 8 finished with a time of 15:27. The crew consists of coxswain Daniel Migdale (Miramonte), stroke Garrett Bell (Las Lomas, grade 12), Andre Ramos (Alameda, grade 11) Coleman Williams Campolindo, grade 12), Billy Deskin (Campolindo, grade 12), Stephen Gessling (Campolindo, grade 12) Alex Sheridan (Campolindo, grade 11), James Kwan (Piedmont, grade 11) and Matt Lenhart (Campolindo, grade 12).
The Oakland Strokes went on to take gold in the Head of the Estuary competition and Newport Autum Rowing Festival.

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