Published June 24th, 2009
Acalanes Grads Spend "Night at the Movies"
Submitted by Michele Poloka
Austin Powers arts and crafts area Photo porovided
It was a night to remember at Acalanes High School's "Night at the Movies" graduation celebration at Acalanes High School on Friday, June 12. Senior Katie Bach was heard saying that she felt as though she was entering a Movie Premier as the graduates were treated with delicious appetizers as they entered the party through the Talladega Nights Pit Lane winding past Senior Grad parent Chuck Poloka's restored 1968 Chevy Camaro in Victory Lane. Among the movies featuered were the Hotel for Dogs message center, Austin Powers arts and crafts area and Hairspray salon. The Animal House boy's bathroom won hands down for funniest decorated movie area and the Twilight Tarot Card area, Ratatouille Cafe' and 21 Casino were popular all night long. As the graduates and parents watched the sun come up following the senior slideshow, it was truly a night to remember.

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