Published June 24th, 2009
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,

State Senator DeSaulnier has the typical politician's view of how to solve the budget mess. He says our problems are "systemic" pointing to the "robust" initiative system and the constitutionally required 2/3 super majority to pass budget items in the legislature. To correct this, he has called for a constitutional convention to remove all legal impediments to greater spending and even greater taxes. The problem is not lack of revenue, it is excessive spending. California needs less spending, lower taxes and less regulation to attract more business to establish here and stem the flow of business locating elsewhere. The Senator is a member of one of the largest groups of irresponsible incompetents ever assembled any where: the California legislature.

Allan Hoskins,

PS: The voters passed Proposition 1A in 2004, with a majority of 83.6%, to prevent just such a grab as the Governor is suggesting. Politicians BEWARE!

Dear Editor

The 6/10/09 Lamorinda Weekly had a recap of state Senator DeSaulnier's meeting with the Orinda City Council regarding California's budget deficit. Senator DeSaulnier identified the state's "robust" initiative system and the need for a super majority vote to pass the budget as elements that impact the legislature's ability to manage the state's finances effectively.
Politicians complain that California cannot raise taxes as easily as they would like. They condemn the constitutional requirement that tax increases be approved by two-thirds of state legislators. They bemoan Prop 13, which caps the rate at which they can raise our annual property taxes. Most California politicians would like to pass measures to delete our few existing taxpayer protections.
Senator DeSaulnier has been in state government for years, first as an assemblyman, and then a Senator. While on his watch government spending spiraled out of control, and California is close to bankruptcy facing a $24.3 billion budget deficit. It is easier to blame something or someone for government mismanagement instead of taking responsibility for one's actions.
California used to have a good roads, infrastructure, and schools on one-half of today's tax levels. Now Politicians want to borrow, spend and tax. This policy has created a state with record high levels of deficits, spending, and taxes resulting in poor roads, infrastructure, and schools. When will politicians of today learn that government cannot spend its way out of debt or recession?
Our representatives should be encouraged not to bow to the desires of special interest groups.

Janet Maiorana

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