Published June 24th, 2009
Route #25 Seeks Riders
By Jonathan Seclow
The Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (CCCTA) now offers County Connection bus service straight through downtown Lafayette. The new route 25 starts from the Lafayette BART station and travels down Mt. Diablo Boulevard until it gets to Pleasant Hill Road. From there it takes Highway 24 to the Walnut Creek BART station.
The hour-long loop starts at 7:30 AM and runs until 6:30 PM. It leaves the Walnut Creek BART station on the hour and the Lafayette station on the half-hour.
According to Leah Greenblatt, Lafayette's Transportation Planner, the primary function of the new route is to help employees on Lafayette's east side commute to work.
"Before this route, it was very difficult for people who worked in east Lafayette to get to work on public transportation," Greenblatt said. "We frequently get calls from employers in that part of town asking how their employees can get to work on public transportation or where their employees can park for free. Now those workers don't need to drive to work."
Greenblatt also encourages residents who might otherwise drive on the same route to consider the bus as a way to save money and to help the environment.
While the route serves an important purpose, it has yet to see many riders. Greenblatt said that it often takes time for residents and commuters to become aware of a new route.
"The city wants to see it utilized. We want to promote it," she said.
Jay Lifson, the CEO of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce stressed the need for more riders. According to him, the route is up for review in December, at which point the CCCTA will decide whether or not to continue the service.
"If ridership doesn't increase by the end of the year, the route is in danger of being cancelled," said Lifson.

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