Published December 9th, 2009
Moraga Police Blotter
Taxi driver checked, 11/29/09 A taxi service picked up a customer in Walnut Creek and drove to the requested destination - a residence in the Rimer Drive area. Customer attempted to pay with a credit card. Unfortunately the card was declined, so customer attempted to pay with a personal check. Company policy dictates no checks - still the rider handed over the check and exited the car, heading to the home. Officers attempted to contact the customer at the residence but no one would answer the door. Now the cops and the taxi service know where the rider with the checkered past lives.

All gassed up and somewhere to go, 11/28/09 The driver of a gray Subaru wagon pumped gas into his or her vehicle at Moraga Auto Care, then proceeded to drive off with the nozzle still in the gas tank. The nozzle and hose were torn off the pump and were last seen with the vehicle heading eastbound towards Moraga Road. Estimated value of nozzle and hose - $1200. Awfully generous, "gift with purchase."

Too much underage holiday cheer, 11/27/09 An 18-year-old was home from college at an off the record Ivy league school and hosted a party for his underage pals. Everyone was having fun until the cops came at 10:30 to break up the party and cite the fun-loving and wicked smart host that this reporter knows.

Bike found, 11/25/09 A Rheem shop owner found a bicycle behind his business at 7:20 in the evening. One of his employees mentioned that was in the same location the day before. The bike was taken to the Moraga police department as found property. The perfect Christmas gift, get your bike back.

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