Published December 9th, 2009
Orinda Police Blotter
Car stolen, 11/30/09 A La Encinal resident left his car unlocked in the driveway. An unknown suspect found a valet key in the vehicle and used it, driving off with the black 2002 Toyota Camry. Surely the car owner is kicking himself right now.

OIS graffiti, 11/28/09 A security guard was called to check on an alarm going off at Orinda Intermediate School. Upon arrival it was hard to miss the graffiti on many of the school's exterior walls. If your middle schooler came home with spray paint stains on his or her clothing, be suspicious.

Dog kick payback, 11/30/09 A Grizzly Peak resident was walking his bearded collie on a leash in Orinda Community Park. Out of nowhere a German Shepherd attacked his dog. Collie owner yelled for the owner of the Shepherd, meanwhile the Shepherd continued to attack the collie. In an effort to defend his dog, collie owner kicked the German Shepherd three times. Suddenly the collie owner was pushed to the ground from behind by a white male. "If you ever kick my dog again, I'll kick you're a--!," said the Shepherd owner who has short brown hair and an English or Australian accent.

She's back, 12/01/09 Orinda's favorite frequent flyer is in trouble once again. A call came in for an unwanted guest at a home on Moraga Way. The 82-year-old father reported that his daughter was in front of his residence. She was belligerent and demanded entry into the house. Cops noticed her unsteady gait, slurred speech and watery eyes. Currently on probation, she's required not to drink alcohol. She was arrested for being drunk in public and violation of probation.

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