Published April 28th, 2010
Lamorinda's Iron Filmmakers--And the Winner is...
By Andrea A. Firth
First place winners (from L to R) Will Howard, Colter Harris, and Michael Chickering. Photo Ohlen Alexander
Lamorinda filmmakers had a great showing in the Iron Filmmaker Contest at the California Independent Film Festival-local talent produced 13 of the 23 videos submitted. Contestants were challenged to make a three-minute video in 24 hours employing a superhero theme, and the videos were shown on the big screen at the Orinda Theater during the Festival.
First place went to the aptly named Dream Team, a group of seven Campolindo High School sophomores, who collaborated to create the video The Touch. Directed by Michael Chickering and starring Colter Harris as the character "Death," the video presented a compelling and unique twist on the superhero concept. The video also received an award for Best Theme and was the overwhelming favorite for the Audience Choice award. Rounding out the cast and crew were Will Howard, Taylor Hunt, Aja Adair, Andrew Roberts, and Grayson Kirtland.
A group of Campolindo seniors, Team Awesome, took third prize and garnered a couple of best actor nominations for their video Captain Fabulous. Shot in the style of the sitcom The Office, the video had several of the actors talking directly to the camera as the audience laughed out loud at the antics of the flamboyant and weird superhero Captain Fabulous, played by Kevin Frank. The video was directed by Miles Zimmerman, edited by Chris Wonder, and included actors Ryan Qualls, Justin Sullivan, Hillary Bressler, Aznit Singh, Ben Smith, and Katelyn Snider.
Other Lamorinda video notables were An Interview with John Awesome by Campolindo ninth graders Kyle Merryman (director), Michael Flynn (actor and sound engineer), and Drew Jackson (Best Actor nominee); Hope and Change (Best Theme nominee) by Miramonte senior Tomson Tee and ten friends; and The Last Slice of Pizza (Honorable mention winner) by Orinda resident Kevin Nolting.
Third place winners (from L to R) Chris Wonder, Henry Seeley, Kevin Frank, and Miles Zimmerman. Photo Sabrina Simpson

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