Published May 12th, 2010
Did the Beatles Sleep Here?
By Cathy Tyson
Set the way back machine for Monday, August 29, 1966 and the Beatles 33-minute farewell concert at Candlestick Park. After the exhausting set, where did the Fab Four spend the night?
Rumor has it, they slept at Lafayette's Hillside Motel, because what is now the new Veterans Memorial Hall was then a heliport - allowing the group to make a hasty exit from the concert venue.
Sadly the hotel and heliport are long gone, but what remains are the fading memories of this urban legend.
Local lore also includes the popular story of alligators that Lamorinda residents bought as pets. When they grew too large, the warm and fuzzy creatures were released into Lafayette Reservoir. That's why swimming is not allowed. When asked if there really are gators at the Rez, Senior Ranger Naturalist Aileen Wilson said, "Absolutely not."
For the record, there have been no Sasquatch sightings locally or reports that chewing gum actually takes seven years to pass through the human digestive system.
Beatles fans may enjoy tribute band The Sun Kings when they perform at a benefit for Town Hall Theatre, Saturday, May 22.

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