Published May 12th, 2010
Orinda Police Blotter
No escape from O-Town, 5/06/10 Officers attempted to pull over a car on Orinda Way for a registration violation. The car and driver just kept on going for over a mile, finally pulling over on Highway 24 near the Gateway/Wilder exit. Turns out there is an outstanding warrant for the driver in Mississippi.

Someone likes leaf blowers, 5/05/10 A young man was doing some landscape work at a Brookwood Road residence, and stepped away from the company truck for ten minutes. Upon his return, he noticed two males taking a leaf blower out of the truckbed. The gardener yelled for them to stop and gave chase. Alas, he couldn't keep up. In total, two leaf blowers and a bush trimmer were stolen, estimated value $1450.

Grocery theft, 5/03/10 A 19-year-old filled up a cart with food and walked out of the Orinda Safeway without paying. When questioned by an alert employee, the fellow didn't have a receipt, nor cash, check or ATM card to pay for the $84 worth of merchandise. He was arrested for theft as well as a probation violation. What was he thinking?

Frequent flyer returns, 5/02/10 Orinda's favorite 53-year old was spotted in front of the Moraga-Orinda Fire Department swaying back and forth. Recognizing her from "numerous prior contacts," the cop determined via bloodshot eyes, smell of alcohol, and unsteady gait that she was unable to care for herself. Her blood alcohol level was .298 - more than three times the legal limit. She was transported, once again, to the Martinez Detention Facility.

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