Published July 7th, 2010
Orinda Police Blotter
Laptops lifted, 6/29/10 Three laptop computers valued at $1,000 each were taken from a realty office on Davis Road. The lovely wood and glass French doors were damaged when they were kicked in - estimated repair cost $1,000. For those keeping track at home - that's a total of $4,000 - ouch.

Attempted burglary, 6/28/10 An unknown suspect forced entry into a residential construction site on La Espiral. The would-be thief was interrupted when workers showed up at just after 8:00 in the morning. Only $125 worth of property was taken, could have been worse.

Residential burglary, 6/27/10 The front bedroom door of an Overhill Road home was pried open - causing $1,500 dollars damage. Once again an unknown suspect entered walk in closet and ransacked it - taking luggage and an HP printer. When Mr. or Ms. Suspect entered the hallway, an alarm was activated. The bag and printer were left in the hallway while the burglar ran away. Thief got away with nothing but a damaged door.

Vehicle burglary, 6/22/10 A car was parked on El Toyonal with driver nearby. Somehow that busy unknown suspect got inside the unlocked car and took $1385 worth of property, without the driver knowing. Within 15 minutes of theft two charges made it onto the victim's credit card at a local gas station. A third charge was attempted 40 minutes later in Oakland, but the bank had been notified, so the charge was denied.

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