Published August 18th, 2010
Letters to the Editor

It is not be an exaggeration to say, "The future of Orinda hangs in the balance in November." Scott Zeller is one of the strongest voices against the current forces in play on the City Council and the Planning Commission that are pushing changes to the City's General Plan. The end goal of these changes is the destruction of most of the commercial areas. The fact that some of the collateral damage will be the destruction of many small, local businesses is "just too bad for them."
The task force that came up with the new General Plan was appointed by the current members of the City Council. The composition of the task force was slanted in favor of real estate developers, one of which was the developer of Theatre Square. Have you walked through Theatre Square lately to see what a commercial failure that is? But to the current members of the City Council, I guess Theatre Square "was close enough for government work."
Scott Zeller is the lone voice of those who have declared their candidacy for City Council who has called for the "reset button" to be hit on the changes to the City's General Plan. Scott Zeller is the only one who has insisted that if the City does not have the money to hire an outside consultant to properly advise the City, nothing should be done.
Maybe it is Scott Zeller's background as a physician that gives him the full understanding of the phrase, "First, do no harm." The current members of the City Council are more in the camp of "shoot first and ask questions later."
"You Can't Go Home Again," will be more than the title of a book. If there is not someone to stop this process, and Scott Zeller is the man to do it, you will not recognize Orinda in the near future. No less than the charm, ambiance and tranquility of life in Orinda are dependent upon Scott Zeller being elected to City Council.
Save Orinda and vote for Scott Zeller.

Herb Brown


With regards to Stuffed Animal Slumber Party at the Library dated August 4, 2010, I was taken aback by a program where children left their stuffed animals off at the library and "during the night, the toys entrusted to Steiner [the children's librarian] and senior librarian Linda Waldourp read, made music, played ball and hid in the stacks..". Reading bedtime stories? Playing? These are things that real live children like to do. Steiner got this idea from other libraries that believe it is a way to introduce children to the library. However, I find the idea of the librarians posing and taking pictures of stuffed animals doing the things that children should be invited to do, appalling.
Many public libraries have real slumber parties for families with children. Activities can include "get-aquainted bingo", library scavenger hunts (teams of kids and parents), films, scary stories, a storyteller/musician and board games. Some kids just read. They are well received and attended, and are a truly welcoming, fun, and engaging way for children to be introduced to the library. This is innovative, stimulating programming. The "just too cute" program described by Sophie Braccini made me wince.

Jennifer Carcetti


Is Don Tatzin, our City Council member for life, trying to be funny when he asks us for advice? The Lafayette City Council never follows good advice. They spent a pile of money on park consultants.The council did the exact opposite of the consultants best advice. Special interest wants, trumped logic.
I went to all of the City Council's library site selection meetings. Many people gave good advice. It was totally ignored. The meetings were a total sham. Sites that prohibited new council chambers never made their pitiful list.
The City of Lafayette has numerous administrative positions that I have no idea what the employees do, other than go to meetings and collect fat paychecks. Some are only for special interest groups. I'm sure many people would advise cutting positions and salaries. The Vistas propaganda sheet should also be history. That's all to logical. All Mr. Tatzin can think of is a 7th election for raising our taxes. After all, administrators pat him on the back.
We are lucky to have this great free newspaper to express our opinions. The Lafayette City Council doesn't control it yet.

Bruce R. Peterson

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