Published Nevember 24, 2010
LMYA Soccer Wraps Up Season 5th/6th Grade Girls
Submitted by Chris Blair
Photo provided
Team USA finished the fall season with an undefeated record and was crowned the champions of the Moraga Girls Grade 5/6 division. Team USA completed the season with a 1-0 victory over Team Germany, and with the shutout finished the year without giving up a goal the entire season. Led by defenders Sarah Fass, Katie Ruiter, Danielle Rhoda, Jennifer Gregory and Kendall Schmidt, and outstanding goalie play by Audrey Moore and Morgan Langstaff, the opponents were kept off the board for eight straight games. Leading the offense was Grace Burnite, Kiera Crandall, Natalie Hayes, Julia Blair, Kim Baxter, Jessica Thomas and Elizabeth Garcia. Coaches Chris Blair and Denise Lambert noted this team had great intensity and teamwork throughout the season.

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