Published October 24th, 2012
Are You In?
By Sophie Braccini
It's a cute movie and with a running time of one minute and 42 seconds it's not long enough to even make a dent in your popcorn. It has a simple message: Moraga, Are You In?
The snappy production, which is the Moraga Education Foundation's (MEF) latest effort to reach out to the community, will be shown before every movie presented in the digitally-equipped auditorium of the New Rheem Theatre starting in November. Can't wait that long? Eager viewers can visit for a private screening on their own devices.
There are no movie stars in the little film. "This was all intentional," says MEF President Kim Matranga. "We wanted a new look so people will watch. The graphic images, rather than people, are really popular and are even used in political campaigns. We also wanted it short, so people can watch to the end and get the call to action before they tune out." The animation is fresh and charming, and the sound track helps capture the viewer's attention.
MEF is looking to broaden its base in the hope that more businesses and residents who are not currently parents may be willing to help support Moraga's schools.

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