Published October 24th, 2012
Moraga Farmers' Market Top 10 in the U.S.
By Sophie Braccini
Gail Hayden cuts the cake Photos Andy Scheck
The Moraga Farmers' Market threw a party on a recent sunny Sunday. Gail and Doug Hayden of the California Farmers' Market Association, which manages the Moraga market, brought sparkling grape juice and very large cakes to share with patrons October 12. The occasion was the announcement of the American Farmland Trust's national contest results in which the Moraga Farmers' Market won 10th place in the nation in the mid-size market category, coming in second only to Aptos for all farmers' markets of any size in California.
Since 2004 the Moraga Farmers' Market has met with great success--residents come for fresh produce and much more, including a sense of community. As a result, many residents voted last August in support of their favorite market on the American Farmland Trust website.
"We're celebrating this beautiful market," said Gail Hayden. "It's special in many ways; it's a year-round market, and the average distance food travels to reach Moraga is 91 miles. It is nice to buy local and support local agriculture."
The idea of the market came up during a discussion between Hayden and uncle Nick Aviani who lives in Moraga. The retired gentleman told Hayden that the town needed a farmers' market. Hayden got together with local community groups and the owner of the Moraga Center Shopping Center, Joan Bruzzone.
As she is on most Sundays, Bruzzone was at the Market that day as well. "I am so proud of this market and so glad it brings people together," she said. "Cities that don't have them miss this element of community building, it's an opportunity to get together on Sunday and see friends."
Nick and June Aviani are also regulars at the Farmers' Market and they were there to celebrate and get their fresh fruits and vegetables along with hundreds of market-goers from Moraga and beyond.
Nick Aviani

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