Published October 24th, 2012
One Small Hitch
By Derek Zemrak
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The 15th Annual California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) will kick off Thursday, November 8 with a VIP reception at 5:30 p.m. at the Rheem Theatre in Moraga. The CAIFF attendees will have a choice of feature films including the romantic comedy One Small Hitch.
CAIFF alumni, John Burgess, who previously directed the award winning short film The Powder Puff Principle directed One Small Hitch. This is Burgess' first feature film, which is a very funny comedy about a young man, Josh (Shane McRae, Four Kings) who returns home to Chicago to fake his engagement to please his dying Jewish father, Daniel J. Travanti (Hill Street Blues). The only problem arises because the plan was not thought out too well. The fake fiancee, played by Aubrey Dollar (Women's Murder Club, Point Pleasant) is Catholic. Plus Josh never imagined he would run into his old fling Giselle (Heidi Johanningmeir). What is a poor, young, single stud to do?
Everyone will enjoy the comedic timing of the cast in One Small Hitch, which received four California Independent Film Festival Slate Award Nominations, including Best Comedy, Best Actor (Shane McRae), Best Actress (Aubrey Dollar), and Best Music.
Under the direction of the new CAIFF Program Director, Joanne Foy, the 15th Annual festival has many choices, starting with Opening Night. The films start with the hilarious short film The Procession starring Lily Tomlin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) that will be a definite audience pleaser.
If you want an entertaining night of laughter see The Procession and One Small Hitch at the California Independent Festival Opening Night.
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