Published October 24th, 2012
Teens Reflect on Elections
By Caie Kelley
A junior at Miramonte High School, Caie Kelley is co-host of Express Yourself!(tm) and Secretary of Club BTSYA. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, piano, and volunteering.
The past few months have been filled with discussions about our presidential candidates. Though most teens can't vote, deciding what party best fits our values is important because many of us will be voting in the next election. Political reform will affect us more as we begin to apply for college and transition to adulthood, and the next President's policies are important for teenagers as much as it is for our parents. So as we each work to establish our own political orientations, what do the teens in Lamorinda think about the election?
Between cramming for the SAT and after-school sports, a couple high school students voiced their opinions on politics. "More than anything else, I feel as though the election is more about hatred and opposing the party in power than actual policy," explained high school junior Simone Britto. "There have been so many commercials openly bashing every candidate. By using religion as a motivation for a public policy, the true meaning of an election is lost. Maybe I'm misinterpreting history, but our Founding Fathers were secular individuals, and representing the wishes of the American people shouldn't be so much about hating the other side."
Another Lamorinda student agreed that presidents should focus less on religion and general philosophical statements and more on exact plans for reform. She said, "The issues I care most about are ones that will affect me as a student. I hope the government will continue to fund federal grants, student loans, and education in general."
It will still be a couple of years before most of us register to vote. As the new administration moves forward, let's hope they pay attention to teens' views, too.
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