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Published March 13th, 2013
Ask Cynthia Brian-Growing Your Own Reader's Request
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Dear Cynthia:
I'm considering taking your advice and growing some vegetables in my flower garden this year, however, I'm not sure growing my own is a good financial decision. When I look at the cost of seeds, plants, fertilizer, watering, weeding, and my time, I think this is an expensive proposition. Convince me.
Skeptical in Lafayette

Hello Skeptical:

You may be absolutely correct that by the time you add up the supplies, labor, pest control, and water, the cost to grow your own food may be more expensive than buying what you need from the supermarket. I've never done the math and never plan to because the benefits my family and I reap from home grown goodness far outweighs the price we pay. Consider the perks of growing your own:
1. You know exactly what is in your food.
2. The flavor of home grown is over the top delicious.
3. There is fulfillment in planting a seed and reaping a season of goodness.
4. You will have fewer trips to the grocery store, saving time and gas.
5. You will enjoy the outdoors and get plenty of exercise.
6. If you have children, there are many lessons to be learned in the garden that can't be learned in school.
7. There is nothing better than REAL food - sweet, nutritious, and yours for the plucking.
8. Vegetables and herbs add beauty, color, and texture to flower beds.
9. Gardening helps you de-stress, think, and grow as a person.
10. You earn bragging rights for the wholesome, organic sweetness you share with family and friends.
For me, it's a pleasure to be able to go out into my garden any day of the year to gather goodies for the evening meal. We eat what is ripe, ready, and fresh. There is nothing I can say to convince you to do it, but I bet you a tomato plant that once you've grown your own, you'll never look at that price tag again. Health is wealth.
Happy Gardening to you! A forkful of tastiness awaits.
Cynthia Brian

Cynthia Brian
The Goddess Gardener
I am available as a speaker, designer, and consultant.
Cynthia will answer one or more questions every other issue as space allows. Email your comments or questions to Cynthia@GoddessGardener.com

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