Published April 24th, 2013
Letters to the Editor

I would like to contact Mary Mark, whose Letter to the Editor was published in your April 25, 2012 issue.
Hi Mary,
I grew up in Moraga and graduated Campolindo High back in 2001. Since leaving Moraga for Tri-Valley at that time, I got married and now have two beautiful children. I took a job in Lafayette last December and being in this area has brought back many good memories.
I was saddened to hear that Fudge Alley closed a few years ago and I never got to visit Frank one last time. I believe 2003-2004 was the last time I visited him with my wife (then girlfriend). I had been in contact with the leasing office and owner of Shish Kabob Show at the time Fudge Alley had closed to possibly come in and take some pictures, but before I could make arrangements, they had already gutted the place out.
My heart sank and I still regret not being able to go back, speak to Frank, and take some lasting pictures. To my surprise, there are no photos of Fudge Alley that I can find online. It's as if a part of my childhood died. Not to sound melodramatic, but growing up in Moraga, Fudge Alley was one of the most memorable places for me as well as Rheem Valley Bowl, which was sadly torn down when I was in high school.
I found and read your "Letter to the Editor" and you had said you were able to take some photos of Fudge Alley. If it isn't too much trouble, I would love to get a copy of those photos to frame along with the Lamorinda Weekly article about Frank. You can reach me at or (510) 566-0119. Thank you for your time.
Warm regards,
Jess Yi

Editor and Members of the Lafayette Community:

I am writing to ask for your cooperation in an ongoing issue we are experiencing on the campus of Stanley Middle School. As many of you know, many different groups come to the Stanley to use our fields and facilities. In addition to more than 500 students that participate in afterschool Stanley athletics, we serve a host of athletic leagues, including LMYA, LMSC, Little League, MOL, and many others.
For years we have had a policy that prohibits any dogs on our fields at any time; but consistent enforcement of this policy has been difficult, with many dog owners using the field areas after school business hours or on weekends. We are working with Lafayette city agencies and our school resource officer, Larry Seliga, to explore how this policy can be effectively communicated and followed, but that requires effort from everyone. Many dog owners we speak to claim they are not aware of our policy, despite the clear signs in our main parking lot and reminders from staff. What we now have is a growing group of dog owners who regularly use our field to exercise or walk their dogs--dogs most often off leash and running freely on and around our campus.
This has had an increasingly negative impact on the academic and overall climate of Stanley School in several ways. There have been increasing incidents of our middle school students' days being interrupted when they have stepped in dog poop and must clean their shoes or find a new pair. These students are missing crucial amounts of time in class. For a two-week period in March, we had seven students impacted by this avoidable situation, and the rate of incidents is growing. This does not speak to the impact it has on our dedicated PE department, who use the field as their "classroom" and must manage games and activities that are impacted significantly by the dogs.
Perhaps most concerning, we have now had multiple reports of dogs off leash who have bitten or knocked over children on the field - children who are there for a sports practice and who have the right to feel safe and secure in participating in their respective sport or activity. Luckily there has not been serious physical harm, but the emotional toll on these students and families is heavy and very real. As Principal of Stanley School, my first job is to make sure everyone is safe and ready to learn.
As attractive a place as our field is to our neighbors and nearby dog-owners, I implore you to adhere to our policy, and find other places for your dog walking and exercise. Thanks for your cooperation in making Stanley Middle School a place that is safe and welcoming to everyone.
David Schrag, Principal

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