Published May 22nd, 2013
Company Jam Shrub Recipe
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(Makes 1-2 cups)

16 ounces fresh fruit, grated or sliced on the mandoline
16 ounces vinegar
8-16 ounces sugar (I used granulated, but may try brown sugar next time, just to see how it goes)

Shred, slice or dice fruit, depending upon the fruit. For example, shred apples, but slice citrus fruits to about 1/8 inch thickness. With berries, I would suggest smashing slightly before adding to vinegar, but with strawberries, remove the stem and quarter before adding to other ingredients.

Mix fruit with sugar and vinegar and place in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Store in a dark, cool spot, like a pantry, for 4-5 days. When the mixture smells of intense fruit and the vinegar has mellowed, it is ready.

Strain fruit. Pour into jars, cover and refrigerate for later use.

Note: I used Granny Smith apples, cider vinegar and granulated sugar. We mixed it with one part shrub to one part whiskey to one part seltzer on the rocks. It was absolutely delicious!

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