Published May 22nd, 2013
Moraga Police Blotter
Backpack with pot found, 5/14/13 On the baseball diamond behind Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School there was a small black backpack found tucked beneath the bleachers containing a wallet with a small amount of cash, but no ID, along with some marijuana and smoking paraphernalia. Police are holding onto it for safe keeping, but if you're missing your pot simply ask the cops.

Not so petty theft, 5/12/13 An unlocked car parked on a Donald Drive driveway was pilfered from overnight. Approximately $735 worth of merchandise including sunglasses, cologne, a parking permit for the Lafayette reservoir and-jackpot-a spare key to another vehicle were taken. Homeowner woke up to find one car gone, and the other one missing items.

Car break in, 5/12/13 On the other end of Donald Drive off of Fernwood Drive, a Toyota pickup and Subaru were both parked and left unlocked in front of a home. Approximately $5 in loose change was missing along with a wallet and garage door opener.

Watermelon plus driveway, 5/11/13 Sometime during the night an unknown suspect tossed a watermelon onto a Campolindo Drive driveway. Not surprisingly, the watermelon split apart upon impact and left debris on the driveway and a Honda.

Fruit caper continues, 5/11/13 Another nearby Campolindo Drive resident reported that the windshield of his Lexus was broken after apparently being hit by a cantaloupe. Approximate amount to repair the damage, $500.

Suspicious napper, 5/15/13 Cops responded to a home on Corte La Rado at 10:45 a.m. to check out a suspicious vehicle in which someone was sleeping. Turns out the occupant was waiting for the homeowners to return so he could install their carpeting. The fellow had a work order that corroborated his story.

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