Published January 15th, 2014
Rheem Fifth Graders "Pay it Forward"
Submitted by Gary Irwin
Donald Rheem Elementary School students display their copies of Time for Kids and National Geographic Explorer, donated by the Rotary Club of Moraga. Front row, from left: Rheem students Amrita Malhatra, Olivia Hillhouse, Allison Tam, Ryan Kang, Jack Bunzel-Hardie, and Daniel Granicher; back row: Rotarian Dick Vance, Rheem principal Elaine Frank, Rotarian Barbara Bruner, and Rotary president Nora Avelar. Photo provided
Fifth graders at Donald Rheem Elementary School learned about the devastation caused by Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines in Time for Kids, an educational magazine donated to the classrooms by the Rotary Club of Moraga. Teachers use these magazines to support the study of current events in the classroom. The fifth graders discussed the hurricane with their teachers, and were so concerned about the people impacted that they took action, as described by students in Ms. Noyes, Ms. Cavallero, and Ms. Bornfleth's classes:
"Rheem 5th graders care: On November 8, 2013 the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan. A typhoon is a tropical storm in the eastern hemisphere with winds stronger than 74 mph. Over five thousand people died, and one thousand are still missing. All 5th graders at Rheem read about this in Time For Kids magazine and knew they had to help. They decided that 5th grade would raise money to help buy food and medical supplies for the victims. Over a three-week period all three classrooms collected coins. The total amount of money we raised was over $600!"
The Rotary Club of Moraga's donation of full-year news magazine subscriptions such as National Geographic Explorer, Scholastic News, or Time for Kids - which are given to third through fifth graders at Moraga elementary schools, Canyon School, and St. Anthony's in Oakland - contain relevant information about the world, and subject-specific articles include current information about science, health, current events, and literature. The teachers say that the "interactive" magazine format, which includes maps, graphs, and activities, awakens students' curiosity about the world around them and encourages their love of learning.
Rheem principal Elaine Frank complimented Moraga Rotary as a fine example of the support from the community, saying, " ... your contribution will enrich the educational experience of our students." Rotarians have enjoyed reading the many letters of appreciation from the students.
Rotary Club of Moraga is a local service club within Rotary International that meets most Tuesdays at noon at Saint Mary's College. For information, please call Frank May of Moraga Rotary at (925) 376-8195.

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