Published January 15th, 2014
By Alex Pawlakos
Alex Pawlakos enjoys biking, weightlifting, and tutoring in his spare time. He is a reporter on Express Yourself!(tm) Teen Radio. Alex is an economics major at UC Berkeley.
App: Twitter by Twitter, Inc.
For: All Smartphones
Price: Free
There are so many different smartphone apps available today; it is becoming more and more difficult to single one out as a 'must have' app. However, if you are a fan of social media, and most teenagers are, Twitter is an app that you absolutely need to install. Many smartphone users are already familiar with Twitter. According to the company, they have over 230 million monthly active users sending out 500 million Tweets every day. Over 75 percent of these users access their Twitter account on their smartphone. Clearly this is a very popular app! And, with 77 percent of the accounts outside the United States, Twitter is also a truly global social media company. Twitter has become the most popular way for users to stay connected with their friends and family by exchanging short messages of up to 140 characters. These short messages are called Tweets, and they are not limited to words. You can add photos, videos, and links. It is also a great way to follow what other people are saying and reach out to them, whether they are sports personalities, business professionals, or celebrities. You can easily search for people by their name or use your email to invite friends to join you on Twitter. For social media fans, Twitter is a 'must have' app.

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