Published August 13th, 2014
Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your thorough reporting on the process for the Housing Element and associated EIR in Orinda. Yes, there are many thoughtful Orinda citizens with balanced and nuanced views who respect the public process and speak in a civil manner.
Many of these speakers asked the Council to "broaden Orinda's housing options." I therefore note the great irony of the advertisement directly above the housing element article, called "Orindans Envision Their Future." The ad is for two townhouses for sale in Beacon Ridge, a lovely townhouse community in Walnut Creek near Acalanes High School. It is very unfortunate that many Orinda seniors, lacking 94563 options, must "envision" their future outside their home town.

Carol Penskar


If any Lamorinda resident has actually read the Moraga 2002 General Plan and had it create an image in their mind of a future Moraga with it's openness and rurality in tact and then held up the image created by the proposed Moraga Town Center Homes Project's story pole/rope silhouettes against it for comparison, you might come away confused.....and perhaps a bit angry.
I came into this late, but having nearly ran off Moraga Way upon seeing those story poles for the first time. I first came to Moraga in 1966 to attend St Mary's College and it was definitely an "out in the country", "off the beaten path" kind of place. No space here fore elaborate descriptions, but it was RURAL. Moved here in 2005, and now, nearly 50 years later, things have grown, but tastefully with a few exceptions.
Now rumors are flying about collusion between the landowner, the developer and members of the Moraga Town Council, in order to shove this albatross down our collective throats. From what I have heard, I do not think our Country Club members/residents are pleased at all. I am not at all certain how this project got so far along in the 'process' as it sits right in the middle of one of our precious 'Scenic Corridors'. I am not anti-development, but I cannot imagine what the Building Department is thinking to even consider such an eyesore where the view is critical to preserve.
"The most beautifully designed structures become aesthetic atrocities if placed illogically." (George Schell, Civil Engineer and my Grandfather)
This may be a great design, but it is in the wrong place!

Fritz Stoop


We need changes Moraga can be proud of ... and the City Venture townhomes development is not it
Moraga has had the advantage of seeing the destruction left behind from the high density housing in Lafayette, Orinda and Walnut Creek. Building housing next to public transit or a fire station is just not smart development. Nothing good comes of it.
Most of us would like to see the town revitalized and changes we can be proud of - but the City Ventures Townhouses next to the fire station training facility on Moraga Way is not it and it's not smart development.
This proposed three story development will impact most of the town residents in one way or the other. Not to mention property values that translates to bank accounts. The Planners tell us we do not have to approve development, but it is merely "setting the table" to comply with the state. For the past two years we have asked our town employees and elected officials 1) how lost hillside views, 2) massive buildings backed on to our scenic corridor as you enter Moraga, 3) compromised fire dept. employee training, 4) crowded roads for us and neighboring cities, 5) increased school classroom sizes and other jeopardized town infrastructure will benefit Moraga and even the MCSP. If you put the 16,000+ Moraga residents together - who would really think this is a quality project that we can all be proud of in years to come?
Moraga, California is known as a picturesque hillside community with a renowned university, a top ranking high school in the one half percentiles and recently found to be one of the safest communities in California. Moraga is not the perfect community, but why are we even considering this out of character development in such an inappropriate location? Moraga can do better.
Seeing all the changes going on in Lamorinda and how quickly they happen - Moraga residents should be concerned. Tell your planning commission and the town council this development will not make the people of Moraga proud.

Denise Coane, John Pearson


I am writing in response to the letter written by Caroline Wood in the July 30th Lamorinda weekly.
The story poles on Moraga Way/Country Club Drive are unsightly and in my opinion unnecessary! We have lived in Moraga for 40 years, and have seen the development on these beautiful hills and valleys during that time. Moraga doesn't need two story buildings blocking the view of what is left of the beautiful rolling hills!
"Enough is enough"!
Please stop filling ALL empty spaces with buildings and instead use that space to build parks and gardens with walkways for people to enjoy.

Thank you,
Jeanne S. Corse

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