Published August 13th, 2014
Moraga Boy Scout Troop 212 Alaska Canoe Trek
Submitted by Dick "Dr. T" Terry
Photo provided
Thirty scouts and dads from Moraga Troop 212 went on an incredible 12-day canoe and fishing trek on the Swan Lake and Swanson River Canoe Trails on the Kenai Peninsula near Anchorage, Alaska. This lake system is one of two premier National Canoe Trails in the United States. Besides canoeing on over 14 lakes, including over 22 portages with 70 pound packs and carrying canoes, the group did plenty of fishing - on one lake, they caught 30 fish in 40 minutes. Catch-and-release was the plan until dinner, when a few beautiful Rainbow Trout or local Dolly Varden were cooked over an open fire for a special treat. In all, they caught over 250 fish, several scouts catching their first fish ever, many in the 20-inch range. On the final day, the group took three float planes, flying over an immense glacier out to a large lake, fishing for Sockeye Salmon at the outlet of a stream. They had to share the spot with a total of 12 Grizzly bears that fished for themselves, often only 15-20 yards from the boats. The group was very successful, eventually shipping home over 250 pounds of frozen salmon fillets.

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