Published August 13th, 2014
By Alex Pawlakos
Alex Pawlakos enjoys biking, weightlifting, and tutoring in his spare time. He is a reporter on Express Yourself!™) Teen Radio.
App: Any.DO by Any.DO
For: iPhones and Android phones
Price: Free
Many smartphone owners use their phone as a "to-do" list, not just for appointments, but also to remember other tasks and things they want to do or accomplish. There are several good apps that enable you to organize and prioritize a to-do list, but the best of the bunch is an easy to use, very handy free app called, Any.DO. This very popular app will not only remind you of appointments, meetings and commitments, but it will keep you aware of tasks that you need to do over the course of a day, a week, or even longer. Also, Any.DO can be set to activate at times you prescribe. As you scan through your scheduled list of upcoming duties, you have the ability to move upcoming events and responsibilities to "later" if your schedule changes. Within the category of "later," you can move the job forward to any time period you choose, including tomorrow, next week, or even "someday." The app makes it easy to reschedule and reprioritize duties and responsibilities in a matter of seconds. If you like being organized and utilize to-do lists, you will love Any.DO.

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