Published January 28th, 2015
Masters Swimmer Takes the Plunge
Submitted by Jon Wheeler
Ranie Pearce "poolside" in Siberia Photo provided
A longtime open water swimmer, Ranie Pearce has tackled some of the toughest open water swims in the world. She started swimming in 1988 as way to get exercise, but once she competed in the annual Lake Berryessa swim, she was hooked on open water swimming. Since 2008, she has conquered a series of open water swims across the globe including: The Straights of Gibraltar (10 miles), Catalina (20 miles), The English Channel (21 miles) and the Manhattan Island Marathon (28.5 miles). In August of 2014, Pearce travelled to Argentina to swim in the International Winter Swimming Festival. The event is a series of swims in increasingly colder water, culminating with a swim in a 37-degree glacier lake in Patagonia. In December, Pearce travelled to Tyumen, Siberia to swim in an ice pool. The pool is constructed by cutting a hole in the ice the size of a pool, then inserting lane lines. Despite the cold, Pearce says she is happiest in the water.

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