Published May 20th, 2015
Lafayette Police Blotter
Incident Summary Report April 26 to May 9
Alarms 57
Animal Control
100 block Lafayette Cr
911 calls (incl. hang-ups) 8
Lafayette Park Hotel
1000 block 2nd St
Brandishing a Weapon
St Francis Dr/Dahlia Ct
Burglary, Auto
Bentley School
1300 block San Reliez Ct
3500 block School St
900 block Mt View Dr
Oakwood Athletic Club (2)
3000 block Camino Diablo
3500 block Mt Diablo Bl (2)
3500 block Golden Gate Wy
30 block Lafayette Cr
Burglary, Residential
3500 block Boyer Cr
600 block Glenside Dr
3200 block Sweet Dr
Disturbing the Peace
Burton Valley Elementary
Drunk in Public
Police/Fire/EMS Response
3400 block Monroe Av
Pleasant Hill Rd/Olympic Bl
1000 block Laurel Dr
El Nido Ranch/Sunnyhill Rds
Deer Hill/Pleasant Hill Rds
Found Adult
3400 block Mt Diablo Bl
1000 block Timothy Ln
4000 block Tilden Ln
800 block Birdhaven (phone)
3400 block Mt Diablo Bl
3500 block Wilkinson Ln
El Nido Ranch/Acalanes Rds
Hit & Run
Mt Diablo Bl/1st St
Reported to police dept
3500 block O'Connor Dr
3600 block Mt Diablo Bl
900 block Moraga Rd
ID Theft
80 block Bacon Ct (3)
3700 block Highland Rd
600 block Sky Hy Cr
4000 block Woodside Ct
3500 block Springhill Rd
Loud Music
Library (2)
Missing Adult
3100 block Sweetbrier Cr
Neighbor Dispute
800 block Birdhaven Ct
3500 block Mt Diablo Bl
Petty Theft
1100 block Garden Ln
200 block Lafayette Cr
1200 block Barrot Rd
600 block Los Palos Dr
3500 block Springhill Rd
900 block Paulson Ct
3400 block Golden Gate Wy
(from vehicle)
Safeway (in custody) (2)
30 block Lafayette Cr
BART Lafayette
10 block Ruth Ct
Public Nuisance
Florence Dr/Betty Ln
3100 block Stanley Bl
3400 block Golden Gate Wy
3500 block Brook St
Post Office
Promiscuous Shooting
700 block Solana Dr
800 block Mt View Dr
West Terrace/Sweet Dr
Los Palos/Via Los Colorados
Reckless Driving
Pleasant Hill Rd/Olympic Bl (3)
Hwy 24/Oak Hill Rd
Moraga/St Mary's Rds
Pleasant Hill/Springhill Rds
Burton/Silverado Drs
600 block Lucas Dr
Safeway (3)
3400 block Mt Diablo Bl
Susp. Circumstances 15
Suspicious Vehicle 26
Suspicious Subject 19
Throw from Moving Veh
Upper Happy Valley/
Happy Valley Rds
Traffic Stops 215
1300 block Martino Rd
Unwanted Guest
3500 block Moraga Bl
Lafayette Park Hotel
3300 block Mt Diablo Bl
1000 block Carol Ln
Trader Joe's
3500 block Mt Diablo Bl (2)
Burton Valley Elementary
Vehicle Theft
3500 block Terrace Wy
20 block Lafayette Cr
Vehicle Recovery
3600 block Mt Diablo Bl
Verbal Dispute
3400 block Mt Diablo Bl
Buckeye Fields

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