Published May 20th, 2015
Letters to the Editor

Recently I've had the feeling there was a void in my life. Sophie Braccini's May 6 article gave me the answer: Roundabouts! That's what's been missing. Roundabouts! Fortunately, Ron Boyle of Omni-Means confirmed my suspicion. He explained roundabouts "... can create a sense of place." Equally fortunate, Mr. Boyle specializes in designing roundabouts. Talk about coincidence!
Ignore the naysayers. Who can trust Onoda and Trotter? They sound as if they are actually trying to live up to their campaign promises. Listen to Onoda: "I say if we don't have to spend the money, don't spend the money." What's she trying to do, give politicians a good name? Next she'll be saying, "Six million here, six million there, and pretty soon it adds up to real money."
Come on Teresa, Dave, get with the program! Here's Moraga's opportunity to outspend Lafayette. Drive a short distance into Lafayette to where Rohrer and South Lucile run into St. Marys Road, and what do you see? Three stop signs each. How much did Lafayette pay for six lousy stop signs? Less than $6 million you can bet. How pedestrian! Speaking of pedestrians, the roundabout at Rheem Boulevard and St. Marys Road could combine pedestrians, bicycles, and motorized vehicles, making that roundabout more exciting than a roller coaster. That should give people "a sense of place?"
Why stop with two roundabouts? Consider the junction of Moraga Road, Alta Mesa, and the shopping center easement. Another roundabout! People drive through it now as if it's a roundabout. And 50 feet north at the St. Marys Road intersection, replace the signal lights with another roundabout. Think of it ... two adjacent roundabouts! Moraga could boast of having one of the country's few roundabouts connecting to another roundabout.
But why settle for outdoor roundabouts? Why not bring that "sense of place" indoors? Moraga citizens are noted for volunteering for community projects. Perhaps some citizen do-it-yourselfers could volunteer to construct an interior roundabout where the town council meets and where town employees work. While not normally noted for my civic volunteerism, if volunteer builders build a grand interior roundabout, I volunteer to furnish the center cell ... with a giant round of cheese.

Edward C. Hartman

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