Published July 1st, 2015
Lions Pride Awards Given to Local Middle Schoolers
Submitted by Dan Hagan
From left, back row: Constance Russell (mother), JM teachers Kristin Cortright and Jill Lichti, Mariana Hernandez (mother), Alberto Hernandez (father), JM teacher Kerr Warmboe, and JM principal Joan Danilson; front row: JM student A.J. Russell, Dan Hagan of Moraga Lions Club, and JM student Jesus Hernadez. Photos provided
The Moraga Lions Club recently awarded eight middle school students with the 2015 "Pride Award." Each student will receive a plaque with their name and school plus a check for $50. This award represents a student who has demonstrated effort in pursuing their academic endeavors. It is based on perseverance, diligence, and teamwork. Excerpts written by teachers for each student are included below.
Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School
Alexandra (AJ) Russell: "Good grades do not come easy to AJ. She can work twice as long as other classmates in completing classwork and homework. She works hours at night to complete assignments. AJ excels at advocating for herself, finding solutions and seeking resources. Her effort to take on public speaking was a paralyzing experience. Yet she worked with a counselor to strategize about ways to improve. Her effort is boundless."
Jesus Hernandez: "A new student to JM, Jose is one of the hardest working students. Language Arts is a difficult subject for him but he is persistent, asks for guidance, and is willing to correct his mistakes. He is prompt, proactive and works diligently with great effort."
Stanley Middle School
Erick Carranzaa: "Erika has worked very hard with a positive attitude through her academic challenges. She has been a tremendous caregiver to her younger sister with significant special needs. She is an artistic young lady with a resilient and kind heart."
Sadie Auston: "Sadie has shown tremendous character in her resiliency to life's challenges. She is sweet, empathetic, a natural caregiver, and mature beyond he years."
Orinda Intermediate School
Tristen Aengus: "We happily recognize his tireless effort. Things do not come easy to Tristen, however he gives each task his utmost. He comes prepared and excited to learn without complaint. He asks questions when uncertain. He does whatever it takes to accomplish his work. He is an excellent example of a student that values the privilege of an education."
Jackson Leary: "Through perseverance Jackson has overcome his aversion to writing. He now approaches his writing assignments with enthusiasm. Jackson's efforts are more impressive as he has had to contend with health issues. This has been a challenge both physically and emotionally. We are proud of Jackson's growth."
St. Perpetua School
Mackensie Hastings: "Mackensie was picked due to her dedication to her education and community service. She takes pride in her work, often going the extra mile."
John Christopher Wackowski: "John is hardworking, dedicated and constantly setting new goals for himself. He also shows the same goals as an athlete. He is active in community service."
From left, back row: Ms. Carranza (grandmother), Erick Carranza (father), Stanley principal David Schrag, Stanley counselor Rosie Homes, Jeff Auston (father), Sara Tresser (step-parent); front row: Dan Hagan, Moraga Lions, Stanley teacher Brian Connolly, students Erica Carranza and Sadie Auston, and teacher Megan Westcoat.
From left, back row: Bernice Patterson (grandmother), Pat Patterson (grandfather), Jay Russell (grandparent), Carrolyn Leary (mother), Christopher Leary (father), Guy Aengus (father), Adam Hall (aide), and OIS principal Michael Randle; front row: OIS student Jackson Leary, Dan Hagan, Moraga Lions, and student Tristen Aengus.
From left: John and Eugenia Wackowski (parents), St. Perpetua student John Christopher Wackowski, Dan Hagan, Moraga Lions Club, student Mackensie Hastings, Ashley Hastings (parent), and teacher Hedi Schwarck.

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