Published September 9th, 2015
Off to the Race
By Chris Lavin
Amy Morosini Photo provided
It's not exactly as if Amy Morosini of Moraga will be the first Lamorindan to run the New York City Marathon, but she may well be the first who has survived a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to do it.
"I'm a little nervous only because I took some time off from running," Morosini said. But she's working regularly with a trainer, running again, and working out. Along with the Boston Marathon, the New York City Marathon, which will be held Nov. 1, is notoriously difficult to get into. When Morosini got the invitation, she was ecstatic.
Part of that is because Morosini fell, or may have been pushed, out of a three-story window in San Francisco in 1997. She shattered her skull and her body. (See the April 8, 2015 Lamorinda Weekly story in the online archives.) It took years to not-quite recover. She started volunteering with veterans coming back from the Middle East with TBI, subsequently fell in with the Achilles Team of Wounded Veterans, and a relationship was born. If they could run, she thought, so could she. So she started running. She is going as part of that team.
Because Morosini grew up in the New York metropolitan area, she'll be seeing high school friends she hasn't seen in 30 years. "They're all going to come and cheer me on," she said. Plus her mother still lives in the area, and it would be good to see her.
But oh, that won't work out, because her mother is flying out here to help take care of the kids while she's gone. Their flights will pass in the air. Maybe they can wave out the windows.

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