Published September 9th, 2015
Specialties of the House
By A.K. Carroll
Margarita and mojito
The Hunt for Happy Hour series - bringing you information about the freshest and finest when it comes to discounted beverages and premium small plates in the Lamorinda area - continues this week with Table 24, an Orinda meeting place for the whole family.
Whether you're out running errands, killing time before a movie, or looking for a place to connect with good friends, you're more than welcome to pull a chair up at Table 24. Running from 3 to 5 p.m., Mondays through Sundays, Happy Hour is available throughout the family-friendly restaurant and spills out onto the patio where you're almost sure to cross paths with a classmate or neighbor. It's a community living room where everyone is welcome, with a reclaimed wood table for every family and a chair for every guest.
Happy hour specials include $5 no-fuss margaritas and mojitos, muddled and mixed with simple fresh ingredients including real mint and hand-squeezed limes. Well cocktails ring in at $6 with draft beers being poured for $4. Drakes 1500 and Trumer Pils are accompanied by a rotating tap and a selection of bottles, all of which can be enjoyed right at the bar, out on the patio, or anywhere in the cozy wood-paneled dining room. Wines by the glass include a selection of reds, whites and sparkling varieties. Whatever your beverage, it's sure to be served with a smile and a friendly "How's everything going?" from your server. Don't be surprised if a pre-BART beverage or a "just one" well turns into an all-afternoon conversation.
A drink or two later, you might be ready for some grub, and comfort food is the name of the game where the folks at Table 24 are concerned. Around this particular table you'll find molten fries, mac 'n' cheese, juicy burgers and wood-fired pizzas. New to happy hour is a $5 Margherita pizza crafted with house-made marinara, fresh basil and a generous helping of molten mozzarella. You can also turn to the dinner menu, where you'll find bacon-roasted Brussels sprouts, fire-roasted chicken wings and creamy Petaluma burrata served with house-made flatbread and drizzled in a beautiful balsamic. Though the section on the menu is labeled "For the Table," you may be tempted to keep these items all to yourself. Dashes of pepper and sprinkles of sea salt make for festive flavors and one is never enough.
Sweatpants, yoga pants, business suits and sundresses are all acceptable attire in an eating establishment where you're as likely to sit beside a cadres of students as you are a family of five or a couple of senior citizens. It takes all kinds to make a community and that's exactly why this space was created. So get out of the office or out of the house, drop the distractions while still feeling as though you never left home. Join the family at Table 24, the largest living room in all of Orinda.
When: 3-5 pm, Monday-Sunday
Where: Theatre Square, Orinda
Drinks: $2 off wine, $6 well cocktails,
$4 draft beer, $5 margaritas and mojitos
Food: $5 Margherita pizzas,
$10-13 appetizers
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Trumer Pils
Petaluma burrata served with house-made flatbread
Pizza Margherita Photos A.K. Carroll
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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