Published January 13, 2016
Breaking Ground for the Diablo Vista Pumping Plant
Photo C. Tyson
Christmas Eve was the first day of work for crews from the East Bay Municipal Utility District who started construction of what will be the Diablo Vista Pumping Plant. Orange cones diverted traffic and a row of trees in front of Blodgett's Abbey Carpet were removed. Crews also began a process called "pot-holing" to find the location of utilities under the street. Drivers looking to park along the street should wear comfortable shoes, as parking is restricted on both sides of the street, and they may have a long walk to an available parking space.
Pictured above are new drain pipes that will be installed underground that reroute the existing storm drain to round the corner into Mt. Diablo Court instead of cutting diagonally through the lot. This is the first step of a long project, slated to be complete in the fall of 2017, which will ultimately replace the aging Diablo Vista Pumping Plant and associated pipes with a new facility at the corner of Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Mt. Diablo Court. Later on this year, motorists can expect more cones and traffic diversions as the hefty 30-inch diameter water pipeline is installed.
Despite the rain, the project has moved fairly smoothly so far and the utility has responded to neighbors' line of sight concerns. "The city, EBMUD and the contractor met and decided to remove the corner fencing. We also moved a portable sign warning eastbound drivers of cross traffic closer to the intersection," said EBMUD Community Affairs Representative Michelle Blackwell.
- C. Tyson

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