Published February 24th, 2016
Lafayette Resident, Colleen Starrett, Turns 99
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Colleen Starrett turned 99 on Feb. 17. Born of Sicilian immigrants in 1917 in Forth Wayne, Ind., Colleen, along with her two brothers and one sister, were raised in San Francisco where she went to elementary schools throughout San Francisco and attended Mission High School. Colleen's four daughters were born and raised in San Francisco. Her youngest daughter attended Acalanes High School and graduated in 1973.
A resident of Lafayette since 1969, Colleen moved from San Francisco to a lovely brick house behind Acalanes High School where she still continues to update her house and yard to make it as spectacular as ever. Colleen and her husband, Ken Starrett, loved the Lafayette community, where they rode the first BART train from Lafayette to San Francisco in 1972, when they worked for lithograph companies and commuted daily to San Francisco until they retired in 1978. Colleen and Ken enjoyed the Lafayette open space and reservoir, beautiful downtown Lafayette areas, and proximity to Sun Valley Mall.
Colleen spends time every day in her garden, talking to neighbors and family, and keeps up-to-date on current events, reading the daily newspaper, enjoying crossword puzzles and reading books of all types. Colleen is a talented seamstress and continues to sew for enjoyment. She also enjoys spending time with her four daughters, eight grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.

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