Published February 24th, 2016
Moraga Police Blotter
Lost tab - not the soda 2/2/16 The registration sticker was there when originally stuck on the license plate in March, 2015, but the Canning Court car owner noticed it was missing on Feb. 2. Not sure if sticky fingers unstuck it, or it fell off. The owner just wanted documentation.

Suspicious solicitor 2/5/16 A bald gentleman in his 30s or 40s approached a Rheem Shopping Center business owner and aggressively solicited $50 - stating that he needed the money for car repair. When the owner declined, the suspect helpfully suggested removing the money from the cash register. Stalwart storeowner was aware that this shakedown had occurred to other storeowners in the center in December. Police were notified after the fact. Apparently the solicitor took "no" for an answer.

Loud party 2/6/16 Cops received an anonymous tip about a loud party on North Sandringham Drive. Approaching officers could hear robust music coming from the backyard. When asked, the homeowner denied having any music and became increasingly hostile and aggressive. Cops gave homeowner a stern warning or next time, a citation would be written.

Three amigos plus booze 2/7/16 Officers came to a Camino Ricardo cul-de-sac at almost 1 a.m. and found three male juveniles in and around a car parked in the road. The trio had been consuming alcohol and a bottle of liquor was in plain view of the vehicle. Being sensitive sniffers, the police also noticed the odor of non-burnt marijuana coming from the inside of the car. Not surprisingly, some pot, a glass pipe, and a second liquor bottle was also found in the car. One of the 17-year-olds was cited for California penal code violation 25662 B and P, also known as "minor in possession" - all three subjects were released to parents. Could be an infraction or misdemeanor with possible license suspension for a year - time to lawyer up, since those under the age of 21 are not allowed to buy, possess or consume alcohol.

Bike vanished 2/8/16 Sometime during a 12-day period ending Feb. 8, an unknown suspect took a bicycle that had been left unlocked near the chapel at Saint Mary's College: estimated value around $500. Apparently opportunity knocked during the dozen days.

In addition, the following occurred in Moraga between Feb 1-8:

Calling For Back-up - Kent Court
Tools Found - black and yellow, location undisclosed
Audible Alarm - Park Street
Wallet Vanished - not sure if lost or stolen - while shopping at Safeway
Wallet Found - Rheem Boulevard
Traffic Accident - undisclosed location
False Alarm - Moraga Road

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