Published August 24th, 2016
Moraga Police Blotter
Restraining order violated 8/03/16: Police caught up with a person who had a restraining order to stay away from a residence on Williams Drive - at the home. The subject was then arrested for disobeying a court order and taken to the Martinez jail.

Attempted identity theft 8/3/16: A Moraga Road resident was advised by her son that someone had changed the address associated with their joint Wells Fargo bank accounts. Someone had attempted to fraudulently create a PayPal account, as well as Nordstrom and Amazon accounts using the reporting person's personal financial information, with a new address. No mention in the police report if the fraudster was arrested, but presumably he or she was able to be tracked using the address given to start up the unauthorized accounts.

Glass door damaged 8/02/16: The sliding glass door of a Newberry Place home was impaired in some unspecified way. With no glass ceilings in the neighborhood, was the suspected vandal inspired by presidential politics and shattered the glass door? No suspects seen or heard when the mysterious damage occurred.

Traffic accident 8/02/1: A non-injury collision occurred at 8 a.m. on Rheem Boulevard near Scofield between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. The car attempted to make a U-turn and apparently didn't see the biker. Both vehicles were able to be driven away.

Stolen car 8/06/16: At 2 p.m. the owner of a car parked near the Rheem Theater on Park Street reported that it was stolen approximately four hours earlier. Cops conducted interviews with the reported owner and the vehicle was entered into the police database. The investigation is on-going, although there are no suspects or leads at this time.

Other crimes occurring in Moraga from Aug. 2 through Aug. 9:
Stolen license plate - School Street
False alarm - Del Rio Court, Larch Avenue, Tharp Drive, Camino Ricardo
Lost property - undisclosed location

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