Published August 24th, 2016
'The Carer' is Filled with Life
By Sophie Braccini
"The Carer" is playing at the Orinda Theatre. Image provided
How can a movie about a dying man be about so much life? "The Carer," which will be presented in Orinda for a week starting on Sept. 2, offers great life lessons and resilience, passion and friendship, a wonderful and touching movie for all audiences.
The story is a simple one. An old Shakespearean actor and a British legend, Sir Michael Gifford, played by Brian Cox, is becoming increasingly impacted by a rare form of Parkinson's disease. He was a great film and stage performer and his physical decline is leaving him bitter and impossible to live with. His daughter hires a young caregiver from Hungary to take care of her father. A beautiful friendship and complicity - she is an aspiring actress - slowly grows between the old man and the young girl, leading to the blossoming of a new level of consciousness and love of life for the two of them.
The last scene played by Cox, at the top of his game, is breathtaking and will have a lasting positive impact on viewer of all ages. Cox is himself a Shakespearean actor, especially revered for his interpretation of King Lear; he was aged to play in the movie.
"The Carer" is a coproduction from England and Hungary directed by Janos Edelenyi. The action is situated in England and everyone speaks British English. One character, Dorottya, is played by Coco Koenig, a young Hungarian and Austrian actress.
"The Carer" is part of the International Film Showcase in Orinda that features a foreign film of great quality not yet released in the area, and sometimes a first in the country. More information is available at

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