Published October 19th, 2016
Moraga Police Blotter
ID Theft, Sept. 20
Moraga police responded to a resident's report that person or persons unknown had opened up bank accounts using her personal information. What are the chances it was a nationally known and recently embarrassed bank?

Suspicious vehicle, Sept. 22
Moraga police investigated the report of a man... in pajamas... sleeping in a (wait for it...) truck bed. Non-compliant subject (perhaps from being suddenly awakened), was handcuffed while a DMV check was run on his (foreign) plates. No reports the vehicle was stolen. Subject was cited and released. What a nightmare!

City Ordinance Violation, Sept. 23
Moraga PD determined that six adults and one parking lot BBQ does not a loud or unruly party make. Party on (quietly), dudes!

Loud Party, Sept. 24
One hundred participants, however, almost always ensures a racket. Having alcohol beverages in plain view probably doesn't help either. The resident hosts (there were three) were made to stop the party and were issued a warning for Loud and Unruly Party.

ID Theft, Sept. 24
An anonymous tip led police to investigate a woman who said she had been locked out of her car. Circumstances were fishy enough that police concluded it was actually a case of theft and identity theft. The case has been referred to the District Attorney's office.

Auto Burglary, Sept. 24
After an auto smash-and-grab on Moraga Way, the car's owner was out a $200 leather satchel, plus a couple personal checks from his clients and $150 in damage to the left rear passenger window.

ID Theft Sept. 26
Poor guy told police his personal info was used twice by someone attempting to open credit accounts; first through Chase (denied), and then Citibank (approved, but cancelled before any transactions). If the thief/thieves are working their way through the banking alphabet it will be quite a while before they get to Wells Fargo.
Additional calls:
 Birchwood Drive
 Paseo Grande
 Thune Ave
 Walford Drive
Warrant served: Miramonte Dr
Drug possession: Miramonte High School
Domestic Dispute: reported via phone call

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