Published November 30th, 2016
Happy Valley Road Pilot Parking Program to Start Dec. 1
By Pippa Fisher
Photo Pippa Fisher
Forty parking spaces on Happy Valley Road from the freeway to Deer Hill Road are about to be reserved for city of Lafayette residents only, as part of a pilot parking program.
The program is aimed at easing parking frustrations felt toward increasing numbers of BART riders from outside the neighborhood using the Lafayette station who take up parking spaces, leaving residents unable to find parking in their own city.
City Council member Traci Reilly came up with the idea to reserve spots for residents over a year ago when she attended a Parking Task Force meeting.
"I suggested that we require the residents to obtain a permit to allow them the use of the on-street parking," she said. "Parking permits are common in other cities, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to try. The task force thought that it would be a good idea to give it a try for a limited time period and then assess its usefulness."
To sign up for the permit, residents may submit a form found on the city of Lafayette website or fill out a hard copy at the city offices located at 3675 Mount Diablo Blvd., Suite 210. Locals will have to register their car license plates and show their Department of Motor Vehicles registration card, confirming their Lafayette address.
While there is no cost for this permit, residents who are approved for a permit will still have to pay the parking meter adjacent to their parking space. It also does not guarantee space availability.
Permits are being issued to all qualified applicants. One hundred and six vehicles have been signed up for the program with some residents registering multiple cars. The program is set to begin on Dec. 1 and will run for an initial trial period of six months.

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