Published December 14th, 2016
Letters to the Editor
'Thoughtful Food' Even Tasty in Texas
Dear Editor,
I had it up to my cackled neck trying to use chicken for another sit-down dinner party until I came across an old recipe from your food writer, Susie Iventosch. Her Baked Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese and Tarragon-Watercress Vinaigrette from Jan. 15, 2014, is good enough to make a chicken cross the road. As if that weren't enough, I then had the audacity to try her Mocha and Kahlua Cheesecake from her Aug. 10, 2016 "Thoughtful Food" column which was not only easy, but damn, it was good! What next? Pistachio-Crusted Cremini Mushrooms Stuffed with Goat Cheese? (July 27, 2016) As her direct and down to earth directions from the Mocha Cheesecake recipe states, "or until top is a little bit jiggly"...well my top is a bit jiggly and it's going to get worse if she keeps this up!

Mary MacDowell
Colleyville, Texas

[Editor's Note: It is not normally our policy to publish letters from outside our coverage area of Lamorinda, but this one was so delicious, we had to share.]

Charging for Bags Too Early?
Dear Editor,
Just a heads-up to all residents who might shop at Safeway. They're ripping you off.
The day after the election I was there and saw that they were charging shoppers for grocery bags - 10 cents each.
Yes, the ballot measure passed the day before BUT it doesn't become effective until late December when the vote is certified by the state.
The manager told me he was following orders. I contacted the Attorney General and the Secretary of State by e-mail but neither responded.
I talked to Safeway corporate in Idaho and was referred to local corporate and was told that what they were doing was okay, although the information they provided showed that is not the case.
So Safeway (and every one of their stores statewide) decided to cash in immediately on all that money. Just think how fast those 10-cents per bag will add up before the measure even becomes official.

Barbara Simpson

Local Term Limits?
Dear Editor,
Kudos to Brant Anderson on knowing when it is time to leave. All over Lamorinda there are people on the councils and the commissions that are there too long. Lafayette has commissioners who have been moving from one commission to another for well over 20 years. Too long! Maybe we need some local term limits. It isn't healthy. New blood and new ideas are needed.

Leonard Dorin

Takes Issue at Crosses
Dear Editor,
The Crosses of Lafayette is a 'tacky eyesore" according to a recent letter from Shane Palmer. And after that introduction he really lays it on. The Crosses are "loud, rude and garish, an annoying selfish display to near level of the Westboro Baptist Church," that bunch that celebrates the death of U.S. service men and women with placards at roadsides and even at their funerals.
How he arrives to that conclusion for a local testament to American dead in the unending wars we've become engaged and most would like to forget in is a mystery to me. It's a needed reminder to what these wars have and continue to cost.
I bet Mr. Palmer would be happy if the field of Crosses was leveled and a fast food franchise was erected in its place.

J. Sherrill Grogan

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