Published June 28th, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

May 31 to June 13

June 1 400 block Center Street Building secured.
June 2 300 block Calle La Montana false
June 2 100 block Selborne Way door left unlocked
June 8 Location n/a false
June 11 Location n/a nothing found
June 13 Warfield Drive tripped by cleaners

June 2 Drugs
Grown son on probation trying to light things on fire at home was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and taken to Martinez jail.

June 2 ID Theft
You can open a Barklay's bank account online "in minutes," unless you're a crook. Then the bank will notify you and decline the application. Two close calls for one poor subject, and so far, no leads.

June 2 Stored vehicle
A gold Chrysler with expired tags parked at Natalie and Blumert was towed.

June 3 City ordinance
A homeowner and 30 friends celebrating his 50th birthday were told to tone down the noise from the live band (let me guess -'80s music?) and go inside. Seems "Girls (and guys) Just Want to Have Fun." But "Time after Time" police have to tell "Everybody (who) wants to Rule the World" to "Beat It!"

June 4 Credit Fraud
Police think the victim could be vulnerable again. The bank is involved.

June 5 Suspicious Circumstances
Someone followed teenage girls along Center Street via drone.
"Oh give me a drone, when the girls are alone, and they cannot tell me 'buzz off.' But following peeps really gives them the creeps, and the cops say no aircraft aloft..."

Traffic Accidents
June 6 Moraga Way/School Street - cyclist with only minor injuries.

June 6 Moraga Rd./Campolindo - two-car accident; one car ran a red light.

June 6 Speeding
Police contacted the parents of a 16-year-old male Rheem Boulevard speeder. School may be out, but this fellow is assigned remedial work through the Juvenile Diversion Program.

June 7 Stolen vehicle
The good news: you weren't in your car. The bad news: CHP says it was in a freeway traffic accident. Highway Patrol recovered the vehicle.

June 8 Miscellaneous
Spoiler alert: if "Old Yeller" upsets you, don't read this. Police found a deer seriously injured after being hit by a car. They had to put it down.

June 9 Traffic incident
An unoccupied, parked SUV was hit and run on Camino Pablo by an older green mini van. Minor damage; no collision report filed.

June 9 Civil dispute
A driver in a hurry damaged a pump driving off before disengaging the gas nozzle at the Arco station. The driver produced insurance info but not a driver's license.

June 11 Burglary
Two leaf blowers valued at $200 total were stolen from a garage on Campolindo Drive. Was no one was garden-ing them?

June 12 Commercial burglary
Power tools valued at $500 left via an emergency exit. Smile, discount shopper - you're on candid camera!

June 12 Larceny
$200 game set taken from Moraga Ranch Swim club.

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