Published June 28th, 2017
Public to view a fixed Miner Road at special event
By Sora O'Doherty
Near completion: Miner Road will be open to traffic on July 3. Photo Tod Fierner
For the first time since Jan. 11, vehicles will soon be able to traverse the whole of Miner Road, which is tentatively scheduled to reopen to traffic on Monday, July 3. To celebrate, the city is inviting project partners, stakeholders, and the general public to a viewing event of the restored section of the road at 10 a.m. Friday, June 30. This will be the only opportunity to check out the project before traffic is restored.
Visitors will be able to walk around the nearly completed project site and check out the new box culvert and retaining walls, and listen to a few explanations about how the project was constructed and the challenges that were overcome. In keeping with the festive mood, light refreshments will be served.
Please be advised, however, that no parking is available, so people should walk, bike or carpool from Orinda Village.
The city's contractor, Bay Cities, completed the structural backfill between the retaining walls and over the box culvert and installed the rock aggregate base for the roadway that is underneath the asphalt pavement. All of the utilities (water, sewer, and natural gas) are back to normal operation and are underground.
The remaining work includes installing vehicle barriers and associated safety end treatments, and the remaining decorative stone facing, removing temporary cofferdam and restoring creek flow, abandoning temporary bypass pipes in place, installing rock base and hot mix asphalt for road surface including striping, and completing side slope grading and restoring gates and fences on golf course property.
Orinda Director of Public Works Larry Theis reported the total cost of the work to be between $2.8 and $2.9 million. Theis told the City Council that Caltrans has accepted the damage, but they are still working on how much will be reimbursed to the city by the federal government.
In addition to restoring the road where the sinkhole occurred, the city has decided that it must fill the major potholes on Miner Road, although it remains scheduled for pavement rehabilitation next year.

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