Published August 9th, 2017
Miwok tribe recreated in Lafayette
By Pippa Fisher
From left: James Wright (aka Soaring Hawk), Barb Hollenbach (aka Swaying Tree) and Peggy Magilen (aka Elder River) Photo Pippa Fisher
With the emphasis on Native American values of respect, honor and being connected to the earth, retired third-grade teacher and longtime Lafayette resident Peggy Magilen recreated a tribe within Lafayette for an intergenerational workshop teaching the ways of the local Saklan Miwok Native Americans.
With the help of volunteers, Magilen gave the 26 attendees of the free event Aug. 5 in the Lafayette Community Gardens the Miwok experience - creating family names and necklaces, pounding acorns, practicing hunting skills and playing games.
A large display of artifacts, art and children-centered projects greeted visitors to the garden demonstrating connective and successful indigenous living.
Magilen's goal? To send everyone home with a special sense of Native belonging, which was clearly accomplished with lots of fun along the way.

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