Published June 13th, 2018
Lamorinda Montessori goes green
Ricky Betts talks to the kids about composting. Photos provided
In addition to committing to "going green" by teaming with MCE to provide 100 percent renewable energy, Lamorinda Montessori's next step was to get its teachers and older students actively involved in composting.

"I feel like Lamorinda Montessori is making the right choices at a turning point in our social environment," said Ricky Betts, who is in charge of the children's lunches as well as marketing work at the school. "The importance of environmental care has been in the shadows for far too long and is an important topic that many people shy away from due to cost or other contributing factors that make it seem like 'too much effort.'"

Betts spoke with Republic Services and learned how to correctly compost and teach the educators and students how to do the same. "We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the kids as they became overjoyed to feed our worms, visit the compost bin and in turn do more for our environment than most ever do."

Betts says this is just the beginning of their environmental journey, "but we look forward to not only learn with the children, but create a change that you can see around you and watch it grow with them as well."

- J. Wake

Lamorinda Montessori Assistant Director Azaan Hussain, left, and School Director Antonio Betts.

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