Published November 14th, 2018
Lamorinda rebuilt fire stations heading to the home stretch
By Nick Marnell
Fire Station 16 in Lafayette Photo courtesy ConFire
Helped by construction friendly weather, and no additional contractor drama, the new Lafayette and Orinda fire stations are well on their way to spring 2019 completions, according to fire district officials.
Groundbreaking for Orinda Fire Station 43 on Via Las Cruces took place Nov. 9, 2016, and the reopening was originally scheduled for October 2017. Three contractors later, work began in earnest this year and Moraga-Orinda Fire District Chief Dave Winnacker updated the progress for his board at its Nov. 7 meeting.
Roof decking, the waterproof membrane and gutters were completed, and asphalt roofing material was installed in early November. Windows were scheduled for installation by the end of November with doors - not including garage doors - set for early December. Completion of these elements will hopefully seal the building from the impacts of rain or inclement weather, according to the chief.
Insulation and drywall were expected to be completed by the third week of November, with additional grading of the parking lots and sidewalk areas scheduled for later in the month.
According to Glorainn Sasser, MOFD administrative services director, the latest estimate for the Orinda fire station construction sits at $6 million, nearly $2 million over the original budget.
Since 2012 north Lafayette has been without its fire station, and after the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District board of directors approved the rebuild of Fire Station 16 in Upper Happy Valley earlier this year, work began in April.
Assistant Fire Chief Aaron McAlister said that 100 yards of concrete were poured in late October, the exterior walls have been framed and that the roof trusses were delivered and installed the second week of November. As did Winnacker, McAlister cited no major change orders, and weekly visits from an arborist have helped ConFire keep in place a resolute heritage oak tree, unimpressed by the new construction.
McAlister said the latest Station 16 project estimate is still in line with the original $3.4 million contract authorized by the board.
Both fire stations should be operational in March, with the Fire Station 43 companies rolling into the new building from their temporary structure on the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church parking lot. The Lafayette station will be staffed once Academy 52 recruits graduate in February and are assimilated into the district.
Fire Station 43 in Orinda Photo courtesy MOFD

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