Published November 14th, 2018
State of discourse in Sacramento discussed
Submitted by Michael Metcalf
From left: Ian Cook, club president, Sen. Steve Glazer, and Barry Behr, member at large. Photo provided
California state Sen. Steve Glazer spoke about the state of discourse in Sacramento and some of the reasons why there seems to be so little comity among elected representatives at the Oct. 25 meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley. His comments were not restricted to state politics; Glazer suggested his remarks applied equally to general interpersonal interactions. He remarked that the all-too-common approach to conversation is confrontation, right from the outset. "Much more could be accomplished if parties in a discussion could begin by finding something on which they might agree, then proceed to work on areas of disagreement. What happens, however, is two parties immediately jump on a point of disagreement, after which reaching any compromise is difficult. What is needed is for people to join with one another with more positive orientation, thinking from the outset that something can be found in common." Glazer shared some positive experiences where he has found common ground with people with whom he shares hardly anything in common, noting it can be done. His remarks applied not just to the state of affairs in Sacramento, but to other areas of interpersonal interactions as well. A lively group discussion followed what was described as a hopeful and upbeat presentation.
Kiwanis frequently invites speakers to talk on thought-provoking subjects. Topics are required to be apolitical. The club even steers clear of political forums or debates. For information, visit

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