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Published May 29, 2019
Letters to the editor

Looking good, Moraga

Moraga looks better than it used to, and this is important. If you don't think so, go back to the Midwest and drive around towns that look worse than they did. It's depressing.
Moraga was thrown together hurriedly, with ordinary builder homes and landscaping consisting of grass, ivy, juniper, and Monterey Pines. Since then, many residents have made Moraga more attractive by upgrading both their houses and their landscaping.
Of course, the two shopping centers are nothing to write home about, and the Moraga Ranch is a dump, but the new landscaping at Campolindo High School has made a big difference. The same can be said for the Moraga Library, which was re-landscaped several years ago. Members of the Moraga Garden Club have improved a section of the Hacienda gardens and planted flowers in the big urns on Country Club Drive.
Thanks to all. Let's keep it up.

Dale Walwark

A response to letter on Climate Change

Loved Chris Kneil's letter in last [May 15] issue. He obviously believes passionately about Climate Change. And it is aggravated by development. But as soon as he talked about Methane, I recognized that he has been watching "60 Minutes." I'm not sure what the term Climate Change means. But I do know that the subject of "Global Warming" has morphed into it. What he doesn't know is that he's being misled. As are all of us.
The atmosphere is warming, but only in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially within the Arctic Circle. The Southern hemisphere isn't warming at all, Antarctica isn't melting, and will never melt. Yes, even though there is the same amount of CO2 everywhere. Only the Arctic is warming. Only ice in the Arctic is melting. Bet you didn't know that. And the climate scientists have no idea why. When you're told that the average temperature of the atmosphere has increased 1.8 degrees since 1900. The scientists are adding, the 3.6 in the Arctic to the Zero in Antarctica and dividing the total by 2. Isn't that more than a trifle misleading??? And no I'm not a crackpot.
Plenty of folks in this town know me and can assure you I'm not a crackpot. What I am is a Chemical Engineer, and fully versed in the subjects of heat balance and heat transfer. And if you look at the subject of atmospheric warming from the perspective of a Chemical Engineer. You would say that if something is warming, we are either heating it more and/or cooling it less. And the answer is yes and yes. When we transform the planet's surface from green (vegetation) to grey (concrete). We replace "stuff" that cools the atmosphere with "stuff" that warms the atmosphere. And when you transform 1.5 million square miles of the surface with it. Don't know about you. But I would expect things to change. Especially if you do 90% of it in the N. hemisphere.
If you've read this far you are better informed than you were before. And that's good. You need to have doubts. Especially when the scientists are telling you we know everything, "trust me". Especially when you find out they don't know everything, and are misleading you too!!! Ask questions. We are about to spend trillions of your money trying to solve a problem. Make sure that we have the right solution. As currently we don't. And if you want to know more. Ask the paper.

Dave Cummins

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