Published June 9th, 2021
Moraga Police Blotter
Moraga Police
May 18 - May 31
Alarms 10
911 Calls (includes hang-ups) 11
Traffic 45
Suspicious Circumstances 9
Suspicious Subject 9
Suspicious Vehicle 6
Service to Citizen 47
Patrol Req./Security Check 16
Supplemental Report 11
Vacation House Check 0
Welfare Check 11
Pubic/School Assembly Check 3
Ordinance Violation 1
Vehicle violations
Accident Property
Camino Pablo/Rimer Dr.
Rheem Blvd./Center St.
Excessive Speed
Rheem Blvd./Center St
Moraga Way/St. Andrews Dr. (2)
Moraga Rd./Ifo Commons
Moraga Way/Viader Dr.
Moraga Rd./Alta Mesa Dr.
Moraga Rd./Campolindo Dr.
Reckless Driving
Corliss Dr./Warfield Dr.
Moraga Way/Ivy Dr.
Moraga Rd./Moraga Blvd., Laf.
Moraga Way/Moraga Rd.
40 Block York Pl.
Tc - Property Damage
Ascot Dr./Moraga Rd.
Vehicle Theft
Not Available.
Other criminal activity
Grand Theft From Vehicle
Ascot Ct./Ascot Dr.
Identity Theft
Not Available
Petty Theft
Campolindo Dr./Moraga Rd.
Dollar Tree
Not Available
Dollar Tree

Nuisance to the Community
20 Block Williams Dr.
Drunk In Public
100 Block Miramonte Dr.
Loud Music
Not Available
School St./Country Club Dr.
Canyon Rd./Country Club Dr.
4000 Block Paseo Grande
10 Block Francisca Dr.
Loud Party
10 Block Miramonte Dr.
100 Block Eileen Ct.
Bollinger Canyon Rd./St Marys Rd.
100 Block Tharp Dr.
Juniper Way/Rimer Dr.
Public Nuisance
St Marys College
Canyon Bridge
Mentally Ill Commit
1000 Block Alta Mesa Dr.
Revoked License
200 Block Gloritetta
Unwanted Guest
20 Block Hardie Dr.

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